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Jian Zhang

Jian Zhang, Ph.D., is currently an Associate Professor of Soochow University. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences of Microbiology and Biochemistry in June 2010 from China Pharmaceutical University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Yueqing Gu. After that, he joined Prof. Dr. Victor C. Yang lab as a post-doctoral fellow from 2010-2013. In 2014, he joined Soochow University Biomedical Polymers Lab as Associate Professor. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles. His current research focus is to design “smart” biodegradable nano-scale systems for malignant brain tumor targeted therapy.

Representative Papers

1. Wu J, Zhang J, Deng C, Meng F, Cheng R, Zhong Z, Robust, Responsive and Targeted PLGA Anticancer Nanomedicines by Combining Reductively Cleavable Surfactant and Covalent Hyaluronic Acid Coating, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.6b15105.

2. Zhu Y, Zhang J*, Meng F, Deng C, Cheng R, Feijen J, et al. cRGD-functionalized reduction-sensitive shell-sheddable biodegradable micelles mediate enhanced doxorubicin delivery to human glioma xenografts in vivo. Journal of Controlled Release 2016;233:29-38.

3. Zhong P, Zhang J, Deng C, Cheng R, Meng F, Zhong Z. Glutathione-Sensitive Hyaluronic Acid-SS-Mertansine Prodrug with a High Drug Content: Facile Synthesis and Targeted Breast Tumor Therapy. Biomacromolecules 2016, in press.

4. Wu J, Zhang J, Deng C, Meng F, Zhong Z. Vitamin E-Oligo(methyl diglycol l-glutamate) as a Biocompatible and Functional Surfactant for Facile Preparation of Active Tumor-Targeting PLGA Nanoparticles. Biomacromolecules 2016;17:2367-74.

5. Wang X, Zhang J, Cheng R, Meng F, Deng C, Zhong Z. Facile Synthesis of Reductively Degradable Biopolymers Using Cystamine Diisocyanate as a Coupling Agent. Biomacromolecules 2016;17:882-90.

6. Li S, Zhang J, Deng C, Meng F, Yu L, Zhong Z. Redox-Sensitive and Intrinsically Fluorescent Photoclick Hyaluronic Acid Nanogels for Traceable and Targeted Delivery of Cytochrome c to Breast Tumor in Mice. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016;8:21155-62.

7. Zhong Y, Zhang J, Cheng R, Deng C, Meng F, Xie F, et al. Reversibly crosslinked hyaluronic acid nanoparticles for active targeting and intelligent delivery of doxorubicin to drug resistant CD44+ human breast tumor xenografts. Journal of Controlled Release 2015;205:144-54.

8. Shin MC, Zhang J, Min KA, He H, David AE, Huang Y, et al. PTD-Modified ATTEMPTS for Enhanced Toxin-based Cancer Therapy: An In Vivo Proof-of-Concept Study. Pharmaceutical Research 2015;32:2690-703.

9. Zhou J, Zhang J (co-first author), Gao W. Enhanced and selective delivery of enzyme therapy to 9L-glioma tumor via magnetic targeting of PEG-modified, beta-glucosidase-conjugated iron oxide nanoparticles. International Journal of Nanomedicine 2014;9:2905-17.

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