Chao Deng
Release Time:2019-12-28

Chao Deng is a Professor of Soochow University Biomedical Polymers Laboratory. He received his PhD from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006 (Supervisors: Profs. Xiabin Jing and Xuesi Chen). From 2006 to 2010, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa with Profs. May Griffith and Erik Suuronen. He was appointed as an associated professor at Soochow University in 2010 and promoted to professor in 2014. 

Prof. Chao Deng has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and filed 14 patents including 12 national patents and 2 international patents. His current research focuses on functional polypeptide, polypeptide nanocarriers for anticancer drug delivery, as well as injectable hydrogels, microgels and nanogels for protein delivery.  , 0512-65884933. 

Representative Papers


1.    X.L. Gu, Z.H. Zhu, Q.Y. Fan, Y.H. Wei, G.L. Wang, F.H. Meng, Z.Y. Zhong*, and C. Deng*, Nanoagents based on poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(L-thyroxine) block copolypeptide for enhanced dual-modality imaging and targeted tumor radiotherapy, Small 2019, 1902577.

2.    X.L. Gu, Y.H. Wei, Q.Y. Fan, H.L. Sun, R. Cheng, Z.Y. Zhong*, and C. Deng*, cRGD-decorated biodegradable polytyrosine nanoparticles for robust encapsulation and targeted delivery of doxorubicin to colorectal cancer in vivo, J. Control. Release 2019, 301, 110-118.

3.    K. Huang, Y.H. He, Z.H. Zhu, J.K. Guo, G.L. Guang, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Small, traceable, endosome-disrupting, and bioresponsive click nanogels fabricated via microfluidics for CD-targeted cytoplasmic delivery of therapeutic proteins, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019, 11, 22171-22180.

4.    M. Qiu, J. Ouyang, Y.H. Wei, J. Zhang, Q. Lan, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Selective cell penetrating peptide-functionalized envelope-type chimeric lipopepsomes boost systemic RNAi therapy for lung tumors, Adv. Healthcare. Mater. 2019, 8, 1900500.

5.    H.M. Fang, X.F. Zhao, X.L. Gu, H.L. Sun, R. Cheng, Z.Y. Zhong*, and C. Deng*, CD44-targeted multifunctional nanomedicines based on a single-component hyaluronic acid conjugate with all-natural precursors: construction and treatment of metastatic breast tumors in vivo, Biomacromolecules 2019, DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.9b01012.

6.    H.Z. Qin, Y. Jiang, J. Zhang, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Oncoprotein inhibitor rigosertib loaded in apoe-targeted smart polymersomes reveals high safety and potency against human glioblastoma in mice, Mol. Pharmaceutics 2019, 16, 3711-3719.

7.    J. Chen, H. He, C. Deng*, L.C. Yin, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Saporin-loaded CD44 and EGFR dual-targeted nanogels for potent inhibition of metastatic breast cancer in vivo, Int. J. Pharm. 2019, 560, 57-64.

8.    D. Kuraitis, K. Hosoyama, N. J. R. Blackburn, C. Deng, Z. Zhong*, E. J. Suuronen*, Functionalization of soft materials for cardiac repair and regeneration. Crit. Rev. Biotechnol. 2019, 39, 451-468.

9.    N. Rades, K. Achazi, M. Qiu, C. Deng, R. Haag, Z.Y. Zhong*, and K. Licha*, Reductively cleavable polymer-drug conjugates based on dendritic polyglycerol sulfate and monomethyl auristatin E as anticancer drugs, J. Control. Release 2019, 300, 13-21.


10.  M. Qiu, H.L. Sun, F.H. Meng, R. Cheng, J. Zhang, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Lipopepsomes: A novel and robust family of nano-vesicles capable of highly efficient encapsulation and tumor-targeted delivery of doxorubicin hydrochloride in vivo, J. Control. Release 2018, 272, 107-113.

11.  M. Qiu, X.X. Wang, H.L. Sun, J. Zhang, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Cyclic RGD-peptide-functionalized polylipopeptide micelles for enhanced loading and targeted delivery of monomethyl auristatin E, Mol. Pharmaceutics 2018, 15, 4854-4861.

12.  J. Chen, K. Huang, Q.J. Chen, C. Deng*, J. Zhang, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Tailor-Making Fluorescent Hyaluronic Acid Microgels via Combining Microfluidics and Photoclick Chemistry for Sustained and Localized Delivery of Herceptin in Tumor, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10, 3929-3937.

13.  M. Qiu, Z.Q. Zhang, Y.H. Wei, H.L. Sun, F.H. Meng, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Small-sized and robust chimaeric lipopepsomes: A simple and functional platform with high protein loading for targeted intracellular delivery of protein toxin in vivo, Chem. Mater. 2018, 30, 6831-6838.

14.  S. Xue, X.L. Gu, J. Zhang, H.L. Sun, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Construction of small-sized, robust, and reduction-responsive polypeptide micelles for high loading and targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics, Biomacromolecules 2018, 19, 3586-3593.

15.  X.L. Gu, M. Qiu, H.L. Sun, J. Zhang, L. Cheng, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Polytyrosine nanoparticles enable ultra-high loading of doxorubicin and rapidly enzyme-responsive drug release, Biomater.Sci. 2018, 6, 1526-1534.

16.  T. Chen, M. Qiu, J. Zhang, H.L. Sun, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Integrated Multifunctional Micelles Co-Self-Assembled from Polypeptides Conjugated with Natural Ferulic Acid and Lipoic Acid for Efficient and Bioresponsive Doxorubicin Delivery, ChemPhysChem 2018, 19, 2070-2077.

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19.  M. Qiu, J. Ouyang, H.L. Sun, F.H. Meng, R. Cheng, J. Zhang, L. Cheng, Q. Lan, C. Deng*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Biodegradable Micelles Based on Poly(ethylene glycol)-b-Polylipopeptide Copolymer: A Robust and Versatile Nanoplatform for Anticancer Drug Delivery, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017, 9, 27587-27595.

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21.  J.T. Wu, J. Zhang, C. Deng*, F.H. Meng, R. Cheng, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Robust, Responsive and Targeted PLGA Anticancer Nanomedicines by Combining Reductively Cleavable Surfactant and Covalent Hyaluronic Acid Coating, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017, 9, 3985-3994.

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25.  P. Zhong, X.L. Gu, R. Cheng*, C. Deng, F.H. Meng, and Z.Y. Zhong*,αvβ3 Integrin-Targeted Micellar Mertansine Prodrug Effectively Inhibits Triple-Negative Breast Cancer In Vivo, Int. J. Nanomed. 2017, 12, 7913-7921.

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27.  K.Q. Wu, R. Cheng*, J. Zhang, F.H. Meng, C. Deng, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Micellar Nanoformulation of Lipophilized Bortezomib: High Drug Loading, Improved Tolerability and Targeted Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer, J. Mater. Chem. B 2017, 5, 5658-5667.

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30.  Y.Q. Zhu, X.X. Wang, J. Zhang, F.H. Meng, C. Deng, R. Cheng, J. Feijen*, and Z.Y. Zhong*, Exogenous vitamin C boosts the antitumor efficacy of paclitaxel containing reduction-sensitive shell-sheddable micelles in vivo, J. Control. Release 2017, 250, 9-19. 


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2012 and Before

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