Brain-Targeted Delivery Systems for Treatment of Brain Diseases

    Brain diseases such as glioblastoma and Alzheimer's disease remain difficult to treat mainly due to the fact that most drugs are not able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The development of BBB-permeable nanovehicles to realize brain-targeted delivery of small molecule drugs, protein and peptide drugs, and nucleic acids might lead to breakthrough in the treatments of brain diseases including glioblastoma and Alzheimer's disease. We found that Angiopep-2 and ApoE peptide-functionalized smart polymersomes could efficiently load and deliver oncoprotein inhibitor Rigosertib, protein, siRNA and adjuvants to glioblastoma, resulting in effective treatment of orthotopic glioblastoma. We plan to further investigate the treatment efficacy of Angiopep-2 and ApoE peptide-functionalized smart polymersomes toward glioblastoma PDX models and Alzheimer's disease.



Representative Papers

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