Jan van Hest

Jan van Hest is Professor of Department Bio-organic Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology. His group develops compartmentalization strategies to construct micro and nanocapsules which can be applied in the areas of nanomedicine and artificial cell research. We design **art delivery vehicles that for example cross the blood brain barrier or are used in cancer therapy. We use nanoparticles as scaffolds for vaccine development. We construct capsules with life-like properties, such as metaboli**, organelle-mimetic behavior and cell growth and motility. In our research we combine techniques from protein engineering, polymer chemistry and bioconjugation approaches to create particles with bioactive properties. The objective of his research is to construct **art compartments with life-like features. Our activities can be divided according to two main lines of research: nanomedicine and artificial cells and organelles.

Please go to https://www.tue.nl/en/university/departments/chemical-engineering-and-chemistry/research/research-groups/new-bio-organic-chemistry/research/ for more information about Prof. Jan van Hest.